eFrame Interactive Signage Solution

The eFrame - Interactive Signage Solution combines essential elements of digital signage, geopositioning and multimedia IoT to a powerful and versatile system. Device administration as well as provisioning and scheduling of media content are managed centrally on the web portal. 

Interactive Signage

Interactive digital signage solution with selective call function from audio/video enabled display to call centre or other predefined destinations.

Dynamic content management for Audio-/Videofiles, Pictures and Documents.

Intelligent content distribution according to connected display capabilities.

Selective voice and video calls from display (PoS) to call centers or telephones.

Wide range of Adapters and Displays for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Tracing & Tracking - GPS

Smart tracking and tracing solution with integrated audio/video communication to call centre or other predefined destinations for audio/video enabled tracking devices.

GPS based tracing and tracking including IoT functions for objects and vehicles.

Personal location including voice/video call routing and access-controlled call back.

Geolocation based services including location-based call routing.

Sensors & Actors - IoT

By connecting sensors and actors to the UCP adapter and combining it with its audio/video call functions UCP provides powerful multimedia IoT applications.

Connecting ubiquitous devices with cloud-based business logic.

Receiving data from IoT devices and forwarding to 3rd party systems.

Remote control for connected devices (sending instructions).

Secure and reliable connectivity for IoT devices.

Voice and video calls from/to connected devices or embedded systems.

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