UCP Alarm Management Platform

The UCP Alarm Management Platform is a versatile system which combines the potential of multimedia and IoT technologies to simplify the deployment and ensure the reliability and efficiency of alarm call handling.

UCP connects alarm devices from numerous manufacturers and provides comprehensive, role-based dashboards for device management, alarm call handling and analytics.

In compliance with common standards, UCP leverages eminently the safety and the service quality, in areas such as the elevator industry, in smart cities or in public transportation.

Legacy Integration

IP-conversion for existing devices such as alarm call devices or remote-control equipment using analog telephony: Direct conversion locally with the UCP adapter or cloud-based conversion over PSTN.

IP based connectivity over fixed or mobile networks:
PSTN access through with individual subscriber numbers (mobile and landline)
Cloud-based device management:
IP based signal processing and transmission
Highly capable Voip platfrom to manage thousands of SIP users (e.g. alarm devcies)
Programming of alarm devices and monitoring by SMS
Technologien Alarm Devcies:
Leitronic Mini, Leitronic Nano, Leitronic EasyAlarm, Safeline, 2N Lift 1 (DTMF), 2N Lift1 EasyGate (SMS), Telenot

Alarm & Monitoring

Cloud based alarm call handling system with multivendor alarm device support for PSTN and IP based communication. Local conversion from analog signal protocols (DTMF, SELCAL, V.24) to IP based communication (with optional UCP adapter).

Multivendor support (support of vendor specific protocols):
Compliance with European regulations for the elevator industry (EN81-28)
Legacy device integration and local protocol conversion (with UCP adapter):
Registration and auto-provisioning
Remote monitoring, routine call handling:
Alarm call handling and access-controlled call back

2G / 3G Replacement

4G/VoLTE and future technologies begin to replace 2G and 3G in telecom networks: UCP along with its companion, the UCP adapter provides future proof migration paths for existing installations with 2G/3G technology.

Embedded or standalone alarm and monitoring devices with 2G/3G based connectivity for voice and data.:
Remote monitoring or remote-control devices (IoT) with integrated 2G/3G based connectivity.
Mobile routers and gateways using 2G/3G connectivity for voice and data.:
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